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Men and Women's Superfine Fur Felt Hats Traditional Harris Tweed Hats and Caps Women's Capes and Berets
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The Gordon Hat Shoppe is set up in the sensitively restored old colonial Anglican Church. Two mezzanine floors, with tartan carpets, highland cattle rugs, original lead lights, antique milliner's blocks, wood fire and pure Celtic music creates a wonderful, relaxing and  unique experience.

Men and Women's Superfine Fur Felt Hats

Women's Deep Cloche

Price $108

plus $20 postage


This beautiful very dark green, almost black fur felt hat with additional hints of blue and brown in the felt is quite spectacular and exclusive to Wild Trout.

One size only tends to fit most women (size 55-58cm). 

It is cut away at the back so a not to impinge on coat collars etc. 

It can be worn with smart casual jackets, vests and coats

Women's Equestrian Style Felt Hat

Price $108

plus $20 postage


  A classic style black velour fur felt hat

Traditional Harris Tweed Hats and Caps  

Australian Fly Fishing Hat Traditional 
Harris Tweed

Australian Fly Fishing Hat

Price $108

plus $20 postage

This warm medium brim Australian style hat is suitable for many outdoor situations in a temperate climate. 

It fits gently onto the head and won't readily blow off in the wind

It comes in a distinctive blue/green/brown mid weight herringbone with a touch of neat patchwork on the top and will last for many years of hard wearing.

Celtic Gypsies Hat

Celtic Gypsies Hat

Traditional Hand-woven
Harris Tweed

Celtic Gypsies

Price $58

plus $8 postage


Celtic Gypsies HatThis  is a modified design which originated from the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

It is a warm very flattering design appreciated by most women and much more appealing than the average "beanie".

One size fits all and just covers the wearers ears leaving room for ear rings etc. The front can be turned up if desired.

It comes in a striking blue/purple or green/blue herringbone and is lined to include the woven Harris Tweed label - a great gift

Sports Cap Traditional 
Harris Tweed

Sports Cap

Price $98 patched
Price $88 single

plus $8 postage


Over the last twenty years, these caps are our most popular, and are exclusive to Wild Trout Downunder.

Both patchwork and plain have fused tops to keep their shape, and a small elasticised back so they can be worn comfortably with reduced chance of blowing off in the wind.

The patched Harris Tweed has been carefully top stitched in a brickwork pattern and is a bargain at $98.

The single colour in blue/brown/green herringbone is $88.

Although all sizes are available, almost all men fit comfortably into either large (size 57-8) or extra large (size 59-60).

Baseball caps Traditional Hand-woven
Harris Tweed

Baseball Caps

Price $48

plus $8 postage


Probably one of the finest caps of this style in the world. Combining a superb herringbone Tweed with a non clan tartan designed in the Outer Hebrides and balanced with a blue/green plain weave, this cap is exclusive to Wild Trout Downunder.

It appeals to both men and women, and can be garnished with brooches and feathers etc.

One size fits all with the use of a quality leather and brass sizing strap at the rear of the cap. Three colour options in the peaks are herringbone, tartan or plain weave.

The inside of the cap is fully fused lined so it does not readily crush. This also adds to its warm comfort.

Harris Tweed

Vintage Flap Cap

Price $108

plus $8 postage


Whilst the Cap is much appreciated by motoring enthusiasts it is also enjoyed by outdoor people in cooler climates.

It is a handsome cap with the flaps up and quite interesting with the flaps down.

For full protection from the elements, the additional material at the back can be relocated and clipped as a chin strap.

This fully lined cap comes in a muted blue/brown/green herringbone mid-weight Harris Tweed in all sizes.


Harris Tweed

Floppy Breton Caps

Price $98

plus $8 postage

These part patchwork traditional caps are our most spectacular because of the large, wide floppy tops.

They are less conservative that the typical Irish and Welsh style 8 piece caps and are exclusive to Wild Trout Downunder.

These caps are fully lined and softly fused

Sizes Medium to xxLarge

Women's Capes and Berets

Colonial Cape


Price $228

plus $20 postage

100% Australian Warm Macquarie wool in the famous Dr Flannel.

One size fits all for the smart or casual occasions

Colours - Dark Wattle Green (photo on left), Black Ink, Navy, Dark Burgundy

The original Scottish design was modified in early last century in rural Northern Tasmania. Whilst it matches beautifully with our Balmoral Berets in the same material, it can be worn casually with a wide variety of fur felt hats.

Gordon Hat Shoppe cloak Traditional Cape

Price $248

plus $20 postage


This is supplied in the same beautiful Dr Flannel and colour range as the Colonial Cape.

It is, however, distinguished by the addition of an attached double scarf which is also a hood.


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